March 21, 2005

True Love Does Everything But

The Bush administration supports abstinence only "education". However, according to a new study young adults who take "virginity pledges" have similar rates of sexually transmitted diseases as their peers. Moreover, the study found that such pledges may even encourage high-risk sexual behaviour, since kids who take the pledge are less likely to use condoms and to seek treatment for STDs.

Although many avoided vaginal intercourse to "technically preserve their virginity," Prof. Bruckner said, they were more likely than their counterparts to have oral and anal sex, and to do so without condoms.

"If [pledgers] do have sex, they go into this experience with the idea that, 'Oh nothing can protect me anyway, so why even bother to think about uncomfortable stuff and gross stuff like condoms.' That's the problem."

Frustrating, no?

For some levity, here are some awesome send-ups of abstinence-only education:
Sex is for Fags (for boys), and Iron Hymen (for girls).

Take the pledge!

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