March 5, 2005

Nurse Trouble

Governator runs into a bit of trouble with the nurses:

"[T]he Governor is so used to browbeating the press that he thought he could do the same to the California Nurses' Association (CNA), one of the most militant unions in the country, with 60,000 members and representing registered nurses at 171 health facilities throughout the state. Schwarzenegger has been trying to roll back the union's gains on nurse/ patient ratios, safety standards and kindred issues.

The Governator has a bad habit of calling whoever stands in the way of his proposals a "special interest" that needs to be um...Spanked, if you will. The metaphor runs into trouble when deployed against nurses:

"Schwarzenegger's version of Howard Dean's scream came in December in Long Beach. As the nurses barracked him during a speech, he denounced them as one of the 'special interests' and said, 'I'm always kicking their butt.' This witty response from the breast-grabber got plenty of play, and did the nurses nothing but good.

A noted grabber of women should not deploy this particular metaphor.

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