September 1, 2006

CA Horserace

Schwarzenegger has a significant but not overwhelming six point lead over Angelides in the latest governor race poll.

Dianne Feinstein is beating Richard Mountjoy so badly in the Senate race, I'm only including it because the mention of Dick Mountjoy in this post will bring in porn-seeking google searches.

But the Schwarzenegger lead is real. He's gotten that lead the old fashion way: by completely abandoning the conservatism that got him in so much trouble last year and embracing liberalism with both hands.

His latest move is to completely screw big business and sign a major piece of anti-greenhouse gas legislation. I really wonder if Grey Davis would have done this. My guess is the race will stay pretty close all fall and as long as it does, look for all kinds of moderate liberal stuff from the Governator. It's how you win in CA politics.

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Laura McConnell said...

I don't know if you remember, but Redkey used to tell us that whatever political beliefs people may have, they end up voting with their wallets.

Could Arnold's lead have anything at all to do with the ads touting "10 million in tax increases"?