September 5, 2006

Clip Blogging

All the the Office clips you could want right here. I just put up the links that the Erins send me. Thanks kids.

While we are doing clips, Battlestar Galactica is running a series of Webisodes, online video shorts, in advance of the new season. Just a tast of things to come.

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larry said...

Hey, I didn't know the webisodes had started. Thanks for the tip!

And did you see that you can now get a Battlestar Galactica Mastercard? Won't that be cool to whip out at your favorite restaurant? And if the waiter looks at you in a funny way, you can pull him/her aside and promise that you won't tell anyone that he/she is really a Cylon if you get your meal for free.

Not only that, but you get a free season 1 DVD when you sign up - a $45 value. Seriously. I'm glad I haven't bought my DVD yet....I'm gonna get a card.