September 6, 2006

Link of the Day

Today's link comes from Erin of Denmark

The TSA's allowed and forbidden list for items on a plane.

The TSA will not allow toothpaste on a plane, but will allow KY jelly or other "personal lubricants). 4oz, to be exact. Because 5 oz would be too dangerous.

Gel-filled bras are also allowed. Why? Cause better cleavage has been shown to have a calming effect on people, especially when your toothpast has just been taken.


Tyler said...

I have flown 5 times (yes 5 times!) since the foiled August 10th terrorist plot in the UK (including a flight out of San Diego ON Aug. 10th, what chaos!), and I gotta tell you, what a pain!

I hate checking luggage because I got something stolen out of a suitecase of mine back in 1996. Ever since then, if at all possible, I try to carry everything on.

It's pretty much impossible now.

But I don't think the new security measures are worth a damn. It's all cosmetic (if you will). So you can take on certain approved liquids. What if a would be terrorist had a legitimate liquid presription (and the document to prove it) and just filled it up with explosive goo? Would that be caught? Would the TSA know? And what about all the other approved items? Certainly you'd be able to sneak some banned shit if you were enterprising enough.

It's funny to see all the cigarette lighters, cologne, and half empty water bottles in the trash on a table, discarded, right in front of the secrity check-in area.

I know first hand these new measures aren't working because I flew from Balitmore-Washington Airport to St. Louis with a small travel bottle of shampoo in my backpack on board the aircraft. I wasn't trying to blow a plane up or anything, I just forgot to put it in the piece of luggage I checked along with my shaving cream, tooth paste, and bottle of water, etc. And they missed it at the security check in!

Pretty reassuring eh?

larry said...

It's not clear to me that the x-ray scanners can detect small plastic containers. That could be why Tyler's shampoo made it through.

Meanwhile, if we are all good little sheep and vote Republican in November, maybe the TSA will retract these crazy rules after the election.

jess said...

I too have flown quite a few times since this started. I have mixed feelings about it. I'm like tyler. I normally carry on everything, especially for short trips. But the checkin lines haven't been as bad as I thought they'd be, esp considering that nearly everyone is checking bags now.
The upside: Getting through security is actually faster. As is boarding. And getting off the plane. Fewer bags in general. And fewer idiots stuffing bags into the overhead bins that don't really fit.
In terms of it actually working: It doesn't. I don't think the xray machines have the ability to detect liquid. They may recognize a bottle of water or something, but not detect the liquid itself. They just ask you politely not to take liquids. And getting on the plane itself is even easier. There's no check at all. I saw people close up their bottles of water and pack them into their backpacks to take on the plane. No one checked, or even asked.