September 13, 2006

We Always Hurt the Ones We Don't Mind

Moderate Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island survived a primary challenge last night from a conservative. If the conservative won, the seat would have been an easy pick-up for the Dems. Even with Chafee, Rhode Island is one of the bluest states in the Union and even a Liberalist guy like Chafee will be hard pressed.

The irony is that if you drew up a list of GOP Senators that I want beaten Chafee would rank dead last. He voted against the Iraq War and against Bush's tax cuts. He just played a major role in blocking John Bolton. I would much rather send Trent "I wish segregation was still around" Lott or Ted "The internet is a series of tubes" Stevens packing, but they hail from Mississippi and Alaska, which are very conservative States. In order to gain control of Senate, we need to knock off Chafee. Simple. So sorry Lincoln, even though I really don't mind you too much, you got to go.

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larry said...

You're right on, but the Dems will have a tough battle. When pushed, the wingnuts will support anyone in order to keep a "-R" in Congress.

Look at how they are supporting the Green candidate in Pennsylvania in the hope of splitting the liberal vote. And the Greens are taking the money! I may have to drop my Green registration....