January 11, 2007

Becks is Coming

Big news in the world of Soccer as David Beckham has signed a deal (250 Milliaon!) to play for the LA Galaxy in Major League Soccer. Beckham may have lost a step as a player (he has been dropped from the English National team) but he a global superstar without equal in world sports. He will bring the one thing that Soccer in the United States needs more than anything: attention.

David "The Closer" Hirshey has more on the deal. I started reading Hirshey during the
World Cup. If you're going to only read one guy writing about soccer...


Tyler said...

I know that many soccer (er, football, er futbol?) players in Europe can get paid $30-$40 million a season, but how the hell can an MLS team afford to shell out $250 million for a player? Where is this money coming from? It can't be all salary.

jess said...

It's an estimate of 50 mil a year for 5 years. $10 is salary (which is still a crazy amount). The rest is because he will get a share of profits from ticket sales and sales of his jersey. It also includes endorsement deals. So $250 mil is what he expected to make, total, in the next 5 years.