January 3, 2007

Smart Moves

There have been some great political moves going down lately:

John Edwards has termed the "Surge" of troops in Iraq the "McCain doctrine." That is a phrase that will stick and will completely hang the failed and failing Iraq policy on the Republican's leading light.

A Joe Lieberman critic has taken over the Connecticut for Lieberman Party, which was the legal fiction that Joe used to run again after he lost the Democratic primary. The new bylaws now say that anyone named Lieberman can join the party. Oh and Lieberman critics are welcome too.

Muslim Rep.-elect Keith Ellison been taking a lot of right wing nut fire for wanting to do his (ceremonial/photo-op) swearing in ceremony on a Koran. So he's bringing a big gun to the party: He will be using a Koran owned by Thomas Jefferson for the ceremony. Ah Hah!

Winning breeds more winning. We win some elections and suddenly we are looking very clever. Better looking too.

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