January 16, 2007

True Outrage

Somebody stole my neighborhood mailbox! The blue metal one down on the corner. Who the hell does that? Is it worth anything? Now I have to go ten blocks and not three to drop off mail! Not to mention the poor shlubs who mailed their bills in that box right box right before the cretins made off with it. This is an outrage!

UPDATE: Interesting Plot twist in comments, you do check the comments, right?


larry said...

Check with your local post office. The USPS has been removing neighborhood mailboxes that it believes are not being used enough to make it worthwhile to send someone around to do pickups.

The cretins you refer to probably work for the USPS and are only following orders.

The Craig said...

Tzao gao!

Larry is right, the Post office stole my mail box.

I'm so writing my Congresswomen.