January 1, 2007

New Year, New Deal.

Resolutions: To quit smoking...Done. Also to increase traffic to the blog and be a better person.

Predictions: Big fight coming on Iraq between Bush and the new Democratic(!) Congress. Also lots of investigations and subpoenas and fights over investigations and subpoenas. Oddly, there will not be big fights over the budget and immigration, where Bush will roll over for the Dems.

2007 will be the year of Republican panic. This is the year they realise that Iraq has already cost them both Houses in Congress and will cost them a lot more in 2008. They will also realise that Bush will not change course. Thus panic.

Also, I'm getting a new car.

And celebrities will continue to reproduce, marry and divorce at alarming rates.

I myself will do none of these.

Happy New Year.

Good Luck.

1 comment:

larry said...

Resolution: To Chant twice a day. (Does that count as increased traffic?)

Bush may find common ground with the Dems on immigration - his position was closer to theirs than to the Repubs (at least in the House). And unless the Dems actually try to raise taxes (as necessary as that may be), he may not fight them too much on that.

But expect him to veto any new stem cell research bill that comes his way.

Good luck with your car. What color will it be?