March 20, 2007

Electronic Battlefield

More on the Internet primary from the Wall Street Journal. The GOP just isn't using this Internet thing the same way the Democrats are. Hillary Clinton got 828,000 hit on her web page in January. McCain got 296,000. Obama has 64,000 Myspace friends. Giuliani has 1,100. And so on. There isn't web-metric that the Democratic field isn't dominating.

Now I'm still inclind to believe that this is sign of Inevitable Democratic Victory, but the more likely explination is that Dems are younger and more tech savy than the other guys. Will all of this matter? I'm inclined to believe it will, I'm not just sure how.

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Tyler said...

I think that Obama and Hilary are going to beat each other up. You all saw that YouTube video. That was a year before the primaries!

Just wait, it's going to get really ugly. Then they'll be so much dirt on each of them, America won't want to vote for either of them.

All the Democrates have is a woman with a lot of baggage and an inexperience black guy. I know you posted that poll about who the American people would feel comfortable voting for---and according to that they felt better voting for a woman or a black man over an old guy and a mormon, but I don't necessarily buy that.

It's more politically correct to say you wouldn't vote for an old guy or a mormon rather than a woman or a black. Did they sample people in rural Nebraska, Utah, Alabama....Kansas?

You have to take into consideration the old baby boomer and union guys in rural Pennsylvania, Missouri, Mississippi...etc, etc. They're not going to vote in large numbers for the Dems. two main candidates.

Hilary would probably do a good job as President, but are Americans going to do Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton?
Lot's of people have too negative an opinion of her whether it's justified or not.

I think the Democrat's are making a mistake, but oh well.

I bet Rudy will be the next President.

Listen to me. I live in Missouri. We're always right (about Presidents).