March 2, 2007

Good Point

Two things are pretty clear at the moment. One is that Rudy Giuliani is pretty clearly leading the GOP field in the race for the Presidential nomination and second, Giuliani is very clearly a social liberal with a utter disaster of a personal life. Now the leading theory is that once the religious right finds out the second, the first is not going to hold up.

But Digby raises an interesting idea:

[I]f Rudy Giuliani becomes the GOP nominee it means the culture wars are as fake as William Shatner's hair. Once people realize that, perhaps we can stop talking about how so many people are allegedly against choice, gay rights and other progressive values in this country. Clearly, they don't care much about any of that, nor do they care about Lieberman's nonsense about setting a good example for the children. The Christian Right supporting Rudy Giuliani proves that the culture war is nothing but a GOP scam and we can stop obsessively worrying about offending these people with our godless, fancy-pants, big-city ways.

Good for Rudy Giuliani for(inadvertantly) pulling back the curtain on this hoax.

Now the primary campaign has a long way to run and Giuliani could crash and burn in a million ways, but the idea is intriging, no? I for one am very interested in what Republicans really care about.

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larry said...

What Republicans really care about? Ask Duke Cunningham. I heard he has a lot of free time lately.