March 12, 2007

Plan Out

Turns out the Pentagon is, in fact making plans for what to do after the "surge" fails:

American military planners have begun plotting a fallback strategy for Iraq that includes a gradual withdrawal of forces and a renewed emphasis on training Iraqi fighters in case the current troop buildup fails or is derailed by Congress.

Such a strategy, based in part on the U.S. experience in El Salvador in the 1980s, is still in the early planning stages and would be adjusted to fit the outcome of the current surge in troop levels, according to military officials and Pentagon consultants who spoke on condition of anonymity when discussing future plans.

But a drawdown of forces would be in line with comments to Congress by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates last month that if the "surge" fails, the backup plan would include moving troops "out of harm's way." Such a plan also would be close to recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, of which Gates was a member before his appointment as Defense Department chief.

Which means that soon as President Clinton, Obama or Edwards get into office, they will have a plan all ready to get out of Iraq waiting for them. But untill then US troops are going to suffer. The Army is ordering injured troops to go to Iraq.

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