October 22, 2007

Everybody Wins

Check out this polling summery from RealClearPolitics. It averages together head-to-head match-ups of all the major Democrat and Republican challengers. Punchline: Every single Democrat leads every single Republican. That's every single combination of candidates. Which really does mean the GOP is in sorry shape this year. It also means that the liberal-minded should just forget about finding the candidate who is the "most electable" They are all electable. Just go with the one who will make the best President.

This state of affairs only makes the GOP race sadder. They are all trying to get the nomination by claiming to be the Hillary-Slayer and every single one of them are getting trounced by her.

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larry said...

Remember how "electable" Kerry was during the Dem primaries in 2004? Then he won the nomination and suddenly he wasn't so electable any more.

Still, everyone thought he would beat Bush until about 5pm on election day, when Rove pulled his "votamatic switch" and miraculously turned Kerry votes into Bush votes. Kerry, in turn, just packed up his bags and went home.

Do we really expect 2008 to be any different?