October 15, 2007


Dana Goldstein points out in Tapped that, in the wake of the failure of immigration reform, local jurisdictions are addressing the issue in a bunch of different ways. Some (Oklahoma!) are doing all they can to drive out illegal immigrants, while other places (San Francisco, Surprise!) are doing all they can to welcome the undocumented. You know what this means right? A chance for social experimentation!. Sure national reform would have been nice, but the current state of affairs gives us a chance to see the effects of illegal immigrants. Do they help or hurt the economy? Crime Rate? Quality of Mexican and Chinese Restaurants?

My guess is the undocumented are far more beneficial than harmful. And here is our chance to find out.


Tyler said...

I don't know....why are all the best countries mostly homogenous white or Asian?

Also, it doesn't appear that Mexican immigrants improve much academically even after they're here. Does that bode well for a world where we're constantly told that we'll all have to be super tech-savy to thrive in the world of the future? I believe the first step is graduating from high school. Furthermore, unskilled workers get more government benefits than they contribute in taxes...especially illegals. How is that going to help our economy? And let's put an end to that jobs Americans won't do nonsense. Like this country would fall apart if we didn't have these guys roofing our houses and picking our vegetables. How do Finland and Japan and Switzerland manage to survive?

All these things matter. I mean if we have more illegals won't we creep towards becoming more like Mexico?

That's not good.

larry said...

Tyler, what do you mean by "best" countries? Do you include Asian North Korea? or Burma? or Bangladesh? How about lily-white Nazi Germany?