October 8, 2007

Worthless Libertarian

Libertarian are never people I would want in charge of things, but I find useful to have around. I wouldn't want to live in world with no public schools, no roads but toll roads and having to take Ayn Rand seriously. But I do check in with Reason's Hit and Run. Libertarians have valid critics of the drug war, militarization of the police, and generally keeping government out of our bedrooms. Plus, they have an excellent nose for really stupid government regulations, which I welcome if only to help clear the air for the regulations that we do need. Nothing hurts good laws and social programs like bad laws and social programs which undermine government.

Which brings us to Ron Paul, "Libertarian" dark horse running in the GOP Primary, who is getting attention for being the only anti-Iraq War Republican and raising a fair respectable chunk of change. But Paul is pretty worthless as a Libertarian. He's pro-life, and against gays in the military, and seems rather ok with government in the bedroom. I'm not giving up public schools and Social Security for this. While his anti-war stance makes him notable for a Republican, that stance is tied to a plum crazy view of the world.

I want my idiots to be useful, and Ron Paul is not useful.

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