October 18, 2007

Not Enough

So I'm giving the new version of Bionic Women a try last night, and there are several references to the fact the new Bionicized Women is worth 50 million dollars. I figure they got this amount from original 6 million dollar figure, adjusted for inflation. It turns out 6 million in 1976 dollars is worth 22 million today. So they pumped the number up a bit. But 50 million still seems really low to me. A new F-22 fighter jet costs 150 million to build. I mean a F-22 is awesome (if sort of useless in today's world) but the bionic women is impossible. I think doing the impossible would cost a bit more than 1/3 of the price of one measly little fighter jet. This Country drops hundreds of billions of dollars on defense each year. At 50 million dollars a pop, we should be able to roll out Bionic Women like hot-cakes. And it would be money well spent. No one is trying to take control of the skies from the United States anymore. But lots of people want to punch us out and Bionic Women can totally handle that.

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larry said...

You are right, $50M seems low. Interesting show, albeit a little confusing. I watch it just to see Katee Sackoff, getting my fill until BSG returns.