December 4, 2007

Games Changed

Finally putting the intelligence back into intelligence reports. Yesterday, the release of a National Intelligence Estimate just cracked the march to war with Iran. An NIE is a consensus report of all the nation's intelligence services. And that conclusion is rather shocking, given what's been said by the administration recently. Iran ended its nuclear weapon program in 2003. Let me say that again. Iran ended its nuclear weapon program in 2003. That is the high confidence conclusion of the best intelligence we have. This is a conclusion that the White House has had for a year. A year in which we heard increasing heated rhetoric: Iran is getting a nuke, Iran will give that nuke to terrorists, WWIII is coming, and so on. It all sounded very familiar, and it was. All crap. There is no Iranian nuclear program. There is no threat. No need to go to war.

No more reason for Dick Cheney to even get out of bed in the morning.

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