December 20, 2007

Kids These Days

So it turns out that John McCain's daughter Meghan is doing a campaign blog. Everybody has a blog these days. Seriously, soon you will just be issued a blog at birth. Now TBogg has been having a lot of fun with 5 Brothers Blog, which is done by Mitt Romney's five iron-jawed sons and documents their robotic pursuit of the Presidency. So I expected some similarly comical on-message scribblings from the McCain daughter.

Turns out the McCainBlogette is, well, kind of charming. Its mostly pictures - the behind the scenes, War Room stuff that got me into politics in the first place. Plus, she's not afraid to go off-message and includes shots like Dad getting his make-up done and some guy in a snowman outfit protesting against global warming at a rally. Admittedly, the girl is a total fox, so my professional judgement may be compromised. I don't think the debate over "hottest candidate's daughter" will be as competitive as last cycle.

UPDATE:McCain up a bit in the polls. I'm blaming the daughter.

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