December 6, 2007


A big part of the legend that is JFK is his famous September 1960 appearance before a group of Houston Ministers where he confronted issue of his Catholicism. Mitt Romney is confronting his Mormonism today. I feel its important that a hack like Romney not be allowed to impinge on the ground of sacred Kennedy, so here's Andrew O'Hehir in Salon to knock down the idea of this being Mitt's "Kennedy Moment"

The sad fact is that while Kennedy gave an impassioned speech on the need and importance of the separation of Church and State, Romney cannot do any such thing:

Romney needs to appease a constituency that conspicuously does not believe in the absolute separation of church and state, that favors public funding of religious education (or at least certain varieties of it) and has frequently sought to impose theological ideas or religious structures in the public sphere. He's not trying to convince right-wing evangelical Christians that he would govern as a secular president; he's trying to convince them that his ideas about religion are close enough to theirs, in some general way, that they should overlook the differences.

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