December 18, 2007

Like a Rolling Stone

Go read Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone on Barack Obama.

On an unrelated note, the California Field Director for Obama is named Buffy. Buffy Wicks. She's sending me e-mail. I just thought you would like to know.

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Laura said...

Right after Hurricane Katrina, I was listening to a roundtable discussion on racial poverty. That was the first time I really heard Obama speak. He was talking about how he was sick of hearing about and talking about the link between race and poverty and how it was time to quit wallowing in blame and find solutions. Next to the hysteria of people like Kanye West and Jesse Jackson (hell, I'll even put myself in here, since I'm so damn good at hysterical finger pointing) it was definitely refreshing.

My fear about Barack Obama comes from talking to people like my mom, you know those moderate middle of the road people that I just don't get, and hearing her say how frightening he is. Not because he's black,more because he's on the young side and he's a democrat, which for most people means pro social program and pro higher taxes, which is somehow more frightening than being pro blow things up.