March 12, 2008

Notes on a Scandel

Everybody update your MySpace profiles! In the unlikely event that you are caught up in a sex scandal worthy of national media attention, your MySpace page is going to be you're main introduction to the good people of America. Oh and to answer the obvious question, yes, but not four grand an hour and destroy your life yes. I myself just hope this blog will present a good face to the world, when my own sexual peccadillo's are exposed to the world.

The detail I want to know is not the girl. The late, great Governor of New York was identified in court documents as client #9. Who are clients 1-8? How many dudes past #9. Given these rates, I figure some real captains of industry are on that list. It shouldn't just be the reformers that go down for this. Those in need of reform should takes their lumps as well.

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