March 9, 2008

A Proper Caper

I do love me a good heist movie. There are lots of things a good heist movie must have. High stakes, a double-cross or two, a beautiful woman who isn't to be trusted and so on. Well The Bank Job has all that, plus the added bonus of being English. Which means all of the above plus characters that say things like "cheeky bastard" and "spot of trouble with some local villains" I love it when they call criminals "villains" it makes the whole affair seem so much more...classy.

For an added bonus, this story is supposedly based on true events and involves 1970's swinging London, black militants, royal sex, straight and crooked cops and either MI-5 or -6 ("Who can tell the difference - they all have the same bloody tailor and went to the same bloody school") The blokes doing the bank job are the most honest characters in the movie.

The real affair was placed under a news blackout (They can do that?) in Britain, so I'm unsure how true this story is.

But its a heck of story and well worth your time and money.

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