April 23, 2008

No More Progress

Tell me again about how we have the best health care in the world:

For the first time since the Spanish influenza of 1918, life expectancy is falling for a significant number of American women.

We are going backwards. Thanks Bush. Hey if we keep Republicans in power, maybe we could reverse a whole bunch of social progress. Third World, here we come.


Archaeogoddess said...

Meanwhile, in Denmark, a German tourist dies in the parking lot of the hospital because they've closed the emergency entrance and you can no longer just drop in with an emergency. A nurse explained to the woman's husband that he needed to dial 112 (Denmark's 911) and then directed him to a phone, which didn't work. When the emergency crew that normally responds to 112 calls were contacted (by the hottest journalist on the planet), they said that they would have taken the woman to the hospital she was already at. The hospital swears it's not their fault that the woman died, she didn't follow the approved system!

Politicians are looking into where the system broke down. Danes wrote into the newspaper to say that foreigners need to be made aware of the system. Not a single person seems to understand that if a doctor or a nurse had just decided to screw the system and bring that woman inside, she'd still be alive.

Not knocking socialize medicine here, just the Danish obsession for following the rules.

Archaeogoddess said...

Yes... the government deciding to close hospitals across the country and limit service in those that remain open (by closing emergency rooms) is a by-product of socialized medicine. However, in the US hospitals are closing or cutting back services because the hospital's board decides that the hospital isn't making enough money.

Which do you think will be easier to fix?

(and why am I getting the worlds longest word verification - eight letters!)