April 10, 2008



It was an Olympic-sized fake-out, and by the end of the day, instead of the violent clashes that some had feared, the Beijing Olympic torch run left only thousands of frustrated protesters on one end of San Francisco and mostly relieved runners and officials on the other.

The finger-pointing is bound to go on for days about whether changing the route at the last minute was right. But on Wednesday, Mayor Gavin Newsom and other officials said that once they got a good look mid-morning at the chanting, surging, flag-waving crowds along the torch's advertised route, they felt they had no choice.

I'm sure Mayor Newson knows what kind of city he runs. If you work hard to bring China's Olympic torch to your city, you better just take your protest medicine. None of this half-assed, hidden ceremony stuff. International spotlights are hot. You want the attention, you take your attention.

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