November 4, 2008

How We Doing?

5:30 Early result very not surprising. I'm mostly watching MSNBC on the TV and CNN election central on the web. No battle grounds called, except for PA, which got called right away for Obama. So much for that "battleground"

5:40 Libby Dole is toast.

6:02 CNN now has it 174-49 Obama with the 6:00 pm poll closings. No battlegrounds yet, but that looks good. Keep in mind that CA is worth 55.

6:08 Udall wins in New Mexico. The Dems are at +4 in the Senate.

6:24 Ohio! MSNBC calls. Easy night.

6:25 Damn looks like McConnel, that little worm, is going to make it. But he's going to be leading a lot less Republicans in the Senate.

6:40 Who puts Obama over the top? I'm kind of hoping we get to 8:00 pm and CA. But Florida or Virgina could spoil the fun. Take your time counting folks.

7:03 Next round of poll closings. Utah for McCain, Iowa for Obama. You got one hour left to vote in California. Move.

7:11 Last of his kind. Chris Shays is done. There are now no GOP Congressman from all of New England.

8:00 The coast makes toast. Obama is the next President of the United States.

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