November 3, 2008

Let's Review

Voter guide is here. Study hard, or just print that sucker out and take it with you.

There's a measure on the ballot in San Fransisco to legalize prostitution. Woo? Maybe. I'm sort of torn. What do you think? Prostitution is your classic victimless crime, until it isn't. All kinds of nasty associated with prostitution, exploited immigrants, nasty pimps and the like.

Still not sure who I'm going to vote for in the Mayor's race. Very unsettling for me.

What are some local issues, you, the loyal readers are considering?


la said...

BART to San Jose. A no-brainer (although once again they are bypassing a nearby airport... duh... doesn't anyone learn). But given the economic situation, it won't earn the 2/3 vote that is needed, so more gridlock to come courtesy of your local greed-meisters.

larry said...

Oops, that's me. Didn't mean to give myself a new nickname.

Roy said...

Well, part of the reason that prostitution has such a rough component with pimps etc. is because it is illegal. There is therefore no ability to advertise, no legal recourse for mistreatment, and fairly high demand for fairly low supply. It is therefore tends to offer sufficient payout to the criminal element to partake.

Legalize it and you begin to undermine the illegal empire. And yes, it would still involve exploitation, but no more than exotic dancing, or restauranteuring. Plus if it's legal you can actually regulate it, requiring health checkups, designating areas where business can be performed, etc. And if you have honest business-folk in the business, they will also tend to help regulate the illegal side of the coin, because the illegal traffic market would cut into their profits.