November 10, 2008

R-Rated World

Joe Scarborough drops the F-Bomb on MSNBC, ironically while trying to bash incoming CoS Rahm Emanuel's heavy use of the word. Ha, Ha.

Look, we live in an R-rated world, filled with sex and violence and most of all, cussing. I hear cussing everyday. So do you. I myself went to the F-Bomb just today, when a tree planting exercise took a wrong turn. The world of politics, filled with competition, high-tension negotiation and people getting screwed with their pants on. Of course it's filled with swearing. Working on a campaign was where I learned my favorite curse of all time "What a cluster f--k" (lots of things get screwed up on campaign.) Everybody curses up a storm in the world of politics. When from time to time it slips out on TV, why do we always act so shocked?

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