December 11, 2008


Auto bailout passed the House, looks to get tied up in the Senate, mainly due to the threat of GOP Senators filibustering. Does the GOP really want to take credit for destroying the domestic auto industry? I know the issues with Detroit are many, but after hundreds of billions for banks, cries for fiscal responsibility ring very hollow. Without those loans, these guys are going down, lots of people are losing their jobs in an already bad economy. Does the GOP really want to own that? Kiss Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana goodbye for a generation?

Not to mention you've got Republican Governors running around trying to be Hoover, part 2.

This really can't be what they want, is it?

UPDATE: Yep, the GOP went and done it. Now the White House, a little more aware of the world than the Republican Senators, is scrambling to find another way.

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