August 17, 2010

Freedom From Freedom

I find Tea Party opposition to Net Neutrality to be fascinating, because it represents just how far their anti-government agenda will go. The Tea Party world view is pretty simple - government is the opposite of freedom. No matter matter what. The tea vanguard would rather be screwed by corporation every day of the week and twice on Sundays rather that accept government action. It doesn't matter that corporations trying to set up a multi-tier Internet are the true threat to free speech and free markets. To the right-wing, the only threat can come from government. Corporations can loot your pension, but the true threat is Social Security checks. Tea party-ites will fight to the death for the right of a corporation to give your child cancer. Because a government with the power to stop your child from getting cancer is too powerful in the Tea Party worldview. They would have the internet burn to ground rather than let government put out the fire.

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