August 5, 2010

Prop 8 Goes Down

A Federal Judge has struck down Prop 8. It turns out "gay marriage make me feel funny" isn't really a compelling argument. The case continues to grow for some sort of judicial review of Props before they go to the ballot. Like prop 209 before it (denied services to the undocumented) we could have all been saved a lot of time, trouble and attack ads if only the judges had gotten a crack at this first.

Of course, the courts being the courts, this isn't over. No tux rental just yet. This sucker is getting appealed and appealed again. Supreme Court, here we come.

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Laura said...

I'm curious to see whether or not the Supreme Court chooses to hear this case, because while the court has a very conservative bent at this point, I can't see any way for the Court to rule this law constitutional. If nothing else, it's a violation of the 'Fair Faith and Credit' clause.

I am however getting really tired of this whole "one judge overturning the a popular vote." Um...hello...that's the whole purpose of our judicial branch, to stop unconstitutional laws.