August 25, 2010

The Results Show

Several States had their primaries last night and many results were had. In Florida, the slimy Republican Billionaire won and the slimy Democrat Billionaire lost. GOPer Rick Scott, the former health care CEO who's company paid massive fines for defrauding Medicare, won the nomination for Florida Governor, while super party guy Jeff Greene lost in the Democratic Senate Primary.

John McCain won his primary over conservative gas-bag J.D. Hayworth. In the end, it wasn't even close. Of course, John McCain had to dump just about every last bit of his political persona to get to this win. McCain disavowed his previous support for climate change legislation, immigration reform, campaign finance reform, and reform in general. Hell, he even declared himself "not a maverick." Oh John. Why even run?

Dan Qualye's son Ben won the primary for an Arizona congressional seat, despite...well, despite a lot of things. Its a Republican district, so he's likely to be Congressman Qualye by the end of the year. Those Qualyes, always failing up.

The shock result of the night seems to be Sen. Lisa Murkowski losing in Alaska's Republican Senate primary to Tea Party insurgent Joe Miller. This being Alaska, they have to run the last few votes in by sled dog or something, but Murkowski is currently down 3,000 votes. Murkowski had issues. Her dad, the former Governor of Alaska appointed her to the seat in 2003 in one of the most blatant acts of nepotism I've ever seen. She opposed the Obama Adminitration, but wasn't an ass about it, which counts as moderate in the Tea Party era. And naturally, Palin is involved. Palin backed Murkowski's opponent Miller, not so much over issues, but as part of a long standing intra-family pissing match between the Murkowski and Palin clans. With Palin, its always personal. So expect Palin to get plenty of the "hail the conquering hero" treatment if Miller pulls this out.

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