August 30, 2010

We Need an Authority

Every single protest/march/gathering a massive argument breaks out over how many people showed up. Glenn Beck is claiming 500,000 people fell for his charlatan act last weekend. CBS, using actual photos of the event and not a fever vision, puts the number at 96,000 tops. Be it black men or teabaggers or anti-war folks, no one can ever agree. The organizers claim a lot and everyone else says a lot lower number.

In fact, the Federal Park service long ago gave up trying to estimate how big the crowds on mall were, because it became such a poltical football.

I propose a government agency to solve this. The National Agency to Figure for Real How Ginormous the Crowd Coulda Been or NAFRHGCB (pronouced "Nah-Forgetaboutit" with a Boston accent) It will be run by a committee of ten with five Democrats, 4 Republicans (my idea, my rules), and one guy representing those anti-nuke guys who are in front of the White House every single day. The Agency will gather the best minds in the science of crowd size estimation and have a budget of millions to carefully and completely produce a report on the exact size of the crowd.

Which will then be ignored as everyone pushes their own number to suit their agenda.

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