August 10, 2006

Barn Door

Man, airport security is amazing good at imposing inconvenience to no good effect. Banning all liquids and gels will result the confiscation of millions of gallons of perfectly innocent hair gel and not stop a single terrorist attack.

This is just like banning nail clippers after 9/11. No one is going to hijack a plan with nail clippers. But it looks like we are doing something.

The horse is gone, man. The plot has been exposed, the terror cell broken up. Why the big show about confiscating perfume and soda? Its not just closing the barn door. Its setting off fireworks and annouching over the PA that we are closing the barn door.

After 9/11 we banned anything that even looked like a blade, no matter how laughable. After the shoe bomber was caught we now take our shoes off at airports.
A plot to use "liquid explosives" and now liquids are banned. The next terrorist will plan on smuggling a bomb stuck up his ass and I will never travel by air again.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday Ed Schultz was suggesting that there should be a naked airlines... You'd get through security a lot faster and business would go up.