August 7, 2006


I have totally neglected the most exciting political story that will happen this August: the Joe Lieberman primary challenge.

Joe has gone from VP candidate san reproach to failed 2004 Presidential to Bush's favorite Democrat to now being on the verge of being beaten in the Democratic Primary for his Connecticut Senate seat.

This is just the Darwinian process of elections. For all their flaws, elections do a pretty job of weeding out the unworthy. Think of the impala pack chased by the cheetah. The sick and lame are going to get eaten. As are the stupid impala who wander away from the pack. The "sick and lame" in this metaphor are corrupt politicians like poor Bob Ney, who went down today. Lieberman is the gazelle who wandered away from the pack.

Joe Lieberman has wandered really far a field. He is the first democrat to sign on with Bush's proposals and the last to denounce the war. In fact, he hasn't denounced the war. In a country and a political party that has turned completely against the war in Iraq, he still supports both the war and its conduct. And he's about to be punished for it tomorrow.


larry said...

If elections do such a good job of weeding out the unworthy, why did Tom Delay win the Republican primary earlier this year?

The Craig said...

Three Delay Explanations

1. Republicans don't believe in evolution, so they are immune to a Darwinian process.

2. Darwin isn't perfect. Case in point: The Platypus.

3. Delay is going down in the General. His move to get off the ballot in Texas just died today, which means he has to run for seat he already resigned from in disgrace. So Nick Lampson is going to eat him for lunch.

Just give the process some time.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me like Lieberman doesn't subscribe to the theory. He was on Ed Schultz's show (Air America) the other day and it seems like even if he loses the primary, he's going to run as an Independent in the General Election. Ed even asked something along the lines of if you lose the primary, and agree with most of Lamont's opinions, would you endorse him? And Joe implied that there aren't any circumstances under which he would endorse Lamont.

larry said...

1. So if I don't believe in Republicans, does that mean I'm immune to Rush Limbaugh.

2. Agreed. Case in point: Ann Coulter.

3. Delay is still working to convince the Texas courts that he is now a Virginian. What did Virginia do to deserve that?