August 23, 2006

Women in Body Bags

This post at Daily Kos shows lots of Pretty Dead Girls, US soldiers killed in Iraq, that aren't getting the attention that gets lavished on Jon-whats-her-name.

What struck me about this point is that the country isn't up in arms over female soldiers getting killed. Whenever the debate about women in combat gets on, someone brings up the point that the Ccuntry simply won't tolerate "women coming home in body bags"

Well, 59 women have died in Iraq and there is no outrage. Yes, the American people have turned against the war, but not because it's killing women soldiers. There is no call to pull just the women out of Iraq. We now want everyone to leave.

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Laura said...

Is it possible that the American people have finally recognized women as being equal to men, so therefore their deaths are no more a cause for outrage than the deaths of their male counterparts? While the idealist in me hopes that's a real possibility, the cynic in me says that the media just hasn't exploited this point, but when they finally do, we'll probably have that outrage that's been "missing."