August 8, 2006

See. Darwin.

Ha Ha. Faith in the system rewarded. Lieberman goes down. Still, he's going to try and run as an independent and the drama has yet to play out, but he got way far away from the Democratic middle and paid the price. Everyone got used to the idea in the last couple of weeks, but the defeat of a sitting US Senator in a primary campaign is amazingly rare. Historic even.

A bonus housecleaning moment came with the defeat of the nutty Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney in that Democratic Primary. McKinney is an embarrassment (9/11 conspiracies, slugged a cop) that I have no desire to try and defend. And now I don't.

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larry said...

Amazing that the guy says he wants to run as an independent "for the good of the party" (presumably meaning the Democrats). Lewis Carroll must be chuckling.

However, if he does stay in the race as an independent and gathers lots of GOP money and votes, as well as even a portion of the Democratic vote, he could well have the last laugh of six more years in the Senate and a sure vote for the corporate-funded warmongers.