November 19, 2006

Bond, James

Still cool after all these years. Casino Royal is the new picture and the tastefully named Daniel Craig is the new Bond. Not what you expect, but takes the franchise to interesting places. This movie owes a lot to Batman Begins and the Bourne Movies.

Batman Begins because this is a reboot, that goes back to Bond's first mission, his first kills, his first Martini. (Shaken or Stirred? Does it look like I give a damn!)

This movie also moves in a much more Bourne direction with its action. The fights are much more brutal and real and the high-tech gizmos are almost completely gone. No invisible cars and no laser watches. No "Q" at all.

But the locations remain exotic and the babes remain top-rate. A fun time for all.


jess said...

no Q? Seriously? ok, I've changed my mind. I don't want to see it anymore.

larry said...

I liked it. The effects were terrific. The early chase scene on the cranes was incredible. And the crumbling of a building in! Ironically, we just visited Body Worlds II in Boston a few days ago.

Nice to see such a big part for Dame Judi Dench.

I thought Craig ... Daneil Craig ... didn't have quite the gravitas that Bond should have, but my wiser daughter pointed out that this was intentional, since we are seeing a very young bond. More gravity to come in the sequel.