November 8, 2006

My Side

Now Rumsfeld is gone!

I think I just pulled something, I'm gloating so hard.

These elections are fun. We should have them more offen.


Erin said...

I may have just pulled something! Rummy is GONE?!?! I knew there was a reason I was drinking so heavily this evening! (At first I thought I had drunk too much, I didn't believe what I was reading... but no matter, now I know I was drinking to celebrate!)

Ah, I feel the power of democracy! Or is that the democrats? No matter! Now lets just hope our party doesn't let us down!

And as a side note, it is really hard to type the word verification while under the affluence of inkohol.

larry said...

Craig....I'm old!

What's your excuse for forgetting 2004, 2002, 2000, 1994.......?

larry said...

Or did you only mean elections in which the Democrats win big?

In that case, you'll probably be as old as I am when the next one happens.