November 29, 2006

Thin Bench

So Bill Frist, the man who lead the GOP from the Majority to the Minority in the Senate, will not be taking those amazing political skill on the Presidential circuit. I'll still wondering who is going to be the Conservative standard bearer in the Republican primary. Someone is going to have to challange the moderates - McCain or Mr. Mayor. Allen and Santorum lost their Senate races, Mitt Romney is from MASSACHUSETTS(No Conservative standard bearers hail from that great state)and there's that whole Mormon thing, that has yet to play out.

As Mara Whatshername was saying on NPR today, this leave the GOP field without a major player from the South or the conservative movement. Its does look like the conservatives have a pretty thin bench.

Ah but she forgot NEWT! NEWT! who just went to a First Amendment award dinner and talked about how we should limit free speech or else the terrorist might win.

that's our guy.


larry said...

Mitt is from Michigan. He just came carpetbagging to Massachusetts because the guv'nor's office is such easy pickings here.

He is not likely to remind anyone (and the press certainly won't) that he ran as a moderate in 2002. After all, only Democrats flip-flop.

larry said...

The Boston Globe today (Dec. 1) has an extensive report on Mitt's use of illegal aliens as gardeners on his spacious Massachusetts house. He employed a local company whose owner says that all his workers were legal. However, this owner never asked to see proof of that fact (which is required by law). The Globe monitored the workers extensively while working on Romney's estate. They also tracked the workers after they returned home to Guatemala and confirmed that they were in the country illegally (and learned of how they paid thousands of dollars to smugglers to get across the border). The workers noted that the Gov used to say "Buenos Dias" to them, and Mrs. Romney was friendly, even providing them water on hot days. Neither of the Romneys ever asked them if they were in the country legally.

Considering Mitt's current big-mouthing of the need to control immegration, this could be enough to sink his chances for the nomination.

Shows that big-city newspapers are still fulfilling an important need in our society, in spite of all the obstacles in their way.