November 21, 2006

I Want to See Him Prove It

Barack Obama says America Is Ready For A Black President.

I'm pretty sure he can do it.


larry said...

I agree, but I wish Obama wouldn't rush into it. He should at least serve a term or two in the Senate first. As much as I like the guy, I'd like to see him with a little seasoning.

Laura said...

True, he's not as experienced as some, and perhaps not as well known as we could hope for, but he is so far the best of all the possible Dem candidates I've seen so far. He's moderate enough to win the independent vote without seeming wishy-washy. Besides which, he's the only black congressman I've heard say that it's time to stop talking about the problem of poverty for blacks and time to start doing something about it. I like that and I think all those anti-entitlement repubs will, too.

Tyler said...

If he runs, he'll lose. He won't get the Democratic nomination Like I've said. Wait for the baby boomers and the "greatest generation" to die off first. Too many of them will vote against him simply because he's black. After that we can then start talking about a black President.