November 7, 2006

Day of Days

Election Day! Can you feel it!

Get yourself to a polling place and vote! Doolittle we are coming for you! Pombo we are coming for you!

The exit polls this year are under lock and key, so early numbers to pore over will be hard(er) to get. Those exit polls only raised false hopes in 2004, so maybe its for the best.

Dick Cheney is spending election day hunting, so if you are in South Dakota today, duck!

Post your exciting tales of voting in comments. Or even your not exciting tales.

Election Day!


Erin said...

Okay I voted last week because I vote absentee (for Amador County baby! yeah!) and had to get it in the mail early to make sure it got to where it needed to go. So no "I voted" sticker! :-(

But I have ballot stubs...

jess said...

I voted this morning on shiny new diebold machines. It went pretty smoothly for me. There were even several elerly people around me voting and they seemed to be doing ok as well.
However, while in my car driving to work, several people called in from other parts of the county saying that machines at their polling places weren't working. Some people were voting with paper ballots instead.
Should be fun!!!

Laura said...

Jamie and I voted after picking up my daughter from school. I took her in with me and had her help me fill out my ballot and feed my ballot into the machines. I'll make a leftist liberal out of her yet!!! She can't quite say Schwarzenegger, but she knows we don't like him....