May 23, 2008

Stay out of Church

Preachers are trouble.

Now McCain is caught up in nutty preacher-gate and is forced to denounce his supporters. I'm pretty sure that this is going to be a pattern in politics going forward. With the Reverent Wright/Obama dust-up, looking at the religious figures of politicos is becoming standard. Which is a real change in this game. America is a very religious Country. The media and people in general have given religious folks lots and lots of leeway. Preachers say crazy stuff all the time. But no one wants to mess with God, so no one calls them on it. They have a freedom of movement that politicians just don't have. But the right, in its eagerness to get at Obama, have now made what's said behind the pulpit fair game. And right-wing preachers say a lot more offensive stuff, sermon for sermon, than left-wing preachers.

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