May 6, 2008

Women's Work

Why is Laura Bush out in front on diplomatic efforts to help Burma in the wake of the cyclone disaster? Laura Bush doesn't do or say much of anything. No really, name me one thing Laura Bush has done or said in the last eight years? She just kind of stands there with that slightly drugged-out smile. Could none of the real players in this Administration be bothered with a humanitarian project? Is it only war that gets the manly men of the Bush Administration out of bed in the morning. It be one thing if this was a Hillary Clinton or Eleanor Roosevelt-type first lady, an activist with real pull inside the Administration and a high profile with the press. But putting Laura Bush on the case is a pretty clear signal that they don't care.

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Archaeogoddess said...

Well, there was the time she was the keynote speaker at the White House Press Corps dinner thingy. She called Barbara Bush "the Godfather" and wondered aloud how George Jr. ever managed to meet her (Laura) seeing how she worked and spent most of the time in the library. It was pretty damn funny.

I'd say she's pretty harmless and of all the people in the White House, she's the only one that is guaranteed not to put her foot in her mouth or piss anyone off. This is rather important because Burma is a very volatile region and it would be very easy to create an international incident unintentionally.

I get the feeling that she would have liked to be more Eleanor Rossevelty, but Dub isn't about to let anyone take away his lime light. Going out and doing good would just make him look bad.