May 16, 2008

Weak Game

Tell me again how John McCain and the Republicans are so tough on national defense policy. McCain's Iraq policy is nothing more than a fantasy wish list for the year 2013. Hey by 2013 I want to Rolling Stone's political corespondent and a champion MMA fighter, lovingly supported both by my wife Eliza Dushku and my mistress, Gina Carano. Or maybe Gina will marry me. Anyway, the point is, hope is not a plan. My hope/no plan approach is kind of funny and a little sad, but that kind of hope is dangerous stupid in a President.

And just repeating the word "appeasement" 20,000 times will not win this argument either. First, know what you are talking about. Here's a right-winger that doesn't even know what happened at Munich. Funny. Also, if you consider negotiation "appeasement" than don't advocate talks with Hamas.


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