May 13, 2008

Who Has the Problem

Not for nothing, but Obama is doomed in West Virgina today. I keep hearing a lot of talk, like this shows Obama's weakness with "working class whites" which I assume is just a euphemism for "hillbillies." Obama doesn't play well in hillbilly country. He's going to lose big in Kentucky as well. Its not that he can't get white votes. Or rural votes. He's won Iowa, Nebraska, Idaho, North Dakota and Utah, which are all states that have nothing but white votes. Its a certain kind of white voter he can't win. Namely, racists. If in 2008 your "man on the street" is willing to tell a reporter that he can't vote for a guy because he's black, I would take that man at his word. So its not a shortcoming of Obama that causes him to lose Appalachia. Its a shortcoming of the voters. I know the gold rule of this game is that you shall not speak ill of voters, from who all good things come. But sometimes you just got to tell the truth.

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Laura said...

I would just like to point out that Hillary hasn't a chance in those areas either, if she makes it to the big show down. Not because she's unqualified or because McCain is the better candidate but because a strong white woman is only a marginal improvement over a black man, in the southern "hillbilly" areas.