August 18, 2008

Bodies in Motion

The thrill of competition is all well and good, but really we watch the Olympics for the great bodies. I love how each sport pushes it competitors into a different shape. Distance running strips away everything but the bare necessities, while swimming can leave you looking pretty fearsome. So the discussion question is which body would you have if you could skip the whole lifetime of dedication? Phelps is a wonder, but his proportions are off - torso too long, etc. I figure its the side effect of the fish-human hybrid experiment. For my money the male gymnasts win the best body overall, male division. Tyler would like to remind everyone at this time that I am not gay. Now on the women's side beach volleyball get all the attention (Six foot girls, in bikinis, and the hug all the time!) But that may be a function of the lack of cloths. I'm pretty sure that women fencers, judoka and soccer players are pretty killer, but they just wear too many dam clothes to get a good read.

So what say you gentle readers? What kind of body would you want, if you could skip the work? And what kind of body would you want, should you find yourself cruising the Olympic Village late one night? Purely an intellectual discussion, and feel free to include pictures or links to support your point.

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