August 11, 2008


So while Georgia and Russia went to war, Bush spent the weekend going to Olympic events and, um, interacting with the athletes. This is is not a rhetorical question: Is it better that Bush is isn't paying attention to the crisis? Would it really be better if he focused his attention on events, and not the shapely ass of beach volleyball team? Wouldn't he make the situation worse? As still yet another Bush foreign policy ends in a bloody fiasco, and the usual suspects start pimping for more war, maybe its better if Bush stays happy and out the way for the rest of the Olympics.

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jess said...

I am extremely extremely bothered by this. It's almost as if the Soviet Union is attempting to re-form. I know, that's a bit alarmist. But still.
I'm a little surprised at myself that something else is bothering me about it. Georgia had the third largest presence in Iraq (behind us and UK). As I'm sure you all can guess, I'm not a big fan of the war. However, they did stick their necks out for us. 2000 troops from an itty bitty country. And what do they get in return from us? "Strong" condemnations of Russia. Some talk. Some more talk. And Bush watching the Olympic opening ceremonies with Putin. It doesn't seem that we're turning out to be a very valuable ally.