August 30, 2008

Pretty Governor Lady

I figured I'd sleep on McCain's VP and see if it made any more sense in the morning. Sarah Palin, really? A very odd pick. Big gamble, almost Shoot the Moon territory. No more attacking Obama on the experience question, that's for sure. Very transparent play for women, particularly of the disaffected Hillary supporter type. But Palin is rabidly anti-choice and generally very much of the right, so I don't see many of Hillary's women crossing over. Pure blind support of the sisterhood doesn't go that far. Alaska's three electoral votes are now out of play, a smart counter to Obama locking up Delaware's three with the Biden choice. Speaking of Biden, he's going to pick his teeth with Palin in the VP debate. The biggest challenge for Biden is not to seem like he's picking on a girl.

Oh and she hates Polar Bears. Lady is going down.

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