August 27, 2008

Lady Brings Her A Game

Very good speech. About as full an indictment of McCain and endorsement of Obama as one person could manage. "Twin Cities" and "No way. No how. No McCain." are going to enter the lexicon. There will be those trying to stir up a Obama-Clinton rift, but after tonight it will all just be Republican punks trying to stir up trouble. If any Clinton supporters go with McCain, it will not be Hillary's fault.

In other speech notes Governor Schweitzer from Montana is a jolly warrior, all round-faced smiles as he sinks the shiv into McCain. He should have gotten the "keynote" designation, not Mark Warner's serviceable tech-babble about jobs and small towns.

1 comment:

Krissi said...

Schweitzer rocks my world. I love him and his bolo ties.